Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mayans! Happy New Year 2012!

That is a POSITIVE ATTITUDE , but  we have to Respect  Great Civilization...!!

We entered the year with baby steps,
Ending it with a weary trudge.
So much has happened,
Just in a year’s time.

A year of growth and learning,
A year of bitter and sweet,
A year of old and new,
A year to place in our Wall of life.

Now a new book is waiting,
It's pages pure and white.
New baby steps again,
A New Year to write.

This little poem comes with a wish,
That your New Year will be bright.
That it's pages will be filled,
With memories of much delight.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Missing you is the Hardest part

I just don't know what to say,i don't know what to do
I feel like an infant child,without any cause or purpose,
I feel so lost, so blue.

I reach out, holding on to nothing but air in my hands,
but still i pretend as if i held you,
I just don't care now bout anything else in this world because my world my love is you,

as the days appear as mere illusions and the nights pass away taunting,
with every breathe i take,
I feel just like a toy in the hand of inevitable time,every moment i live is fake
Many a times i close my eyes,just to see your smiling face..

The precious streak of hair running down your face,softly hugging your cheeks, i wish i could take its place,
I sometimes foolishly wish that i could grow wings,
so that i could fly off to where you are,
You live on inside my heart, you are never gone,

I sometimes imagine whether my life would have been the same,
i often look up at the lonely sky,in prayer for your early return..

God as it seems to me is tormenting me,testing my will,my faith, my love and concern,
When some day, I'll go so far away that you wont even remember me in some way,
i just want to take up this opportunity to say,you are and always will be the best thing in my life,
you are my will,my strength,my only reason to survive,

I will always be yours to hold,cherish and to love,
This is a promise i make to you in front of the heaven up above,
I will always be thankful to God for giving you to me,
because when you are with me i am happy,careless and free,

So always remember my love that even though, sometimes,
we may not be together and separated miles apart,
but stay assured that you'll always be in my heart,

Because loving you might be the easiest thing,but,
Missing You is the hardest part,
Why it happens only to me?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Team Theater Workshop - Memorable day!

Morning alarm in my mobile rings at 6:45 am .I woke up in hurry and was disappointed to realize that the workshop is over and i need not to wake up early. But that was a dream actually. After that i Kept recalling the loads of fun and leanings which I had on previous day and then went back to dreams once again.

Everyone in my batch,Was Wondering, what is really the purpose of Team Work?And they found out the answer at last HOW: After attending this fun filled, dynamic and life transforming workshop “TEAM  THEATER”

We were put through various acting based exercises and games. The sessions are divided between discussion and practical with lots of games and exercises, always leaving my colleagues hungry for more. 

I will not describe what I have done in that workshop and about the events, words are not enough. Though I never made it big in theater or films, This theater helped me overcome my stage fright. It gave me the confidence to maintain my composure before audiences. Voice, diction, it covers everything.

And this theater workshop came at a time when I was not doing too great. I had just left my university and joined my first job, and was wondering what to do next. It’s not very easy to stand up in front of 50-60 people and perform but when you get that kind of from others it becomes a piece of cake. Today i am proud of that and after that day I was never scared to make a mistake.

It’s a workshop which is definitely worth enrolling. In addition to that I have met friends from with different aspects of life. Hats off to wonderful Director of the movie “TEAM THEATER ” MR.Jagath Jayasekara!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What to do with damaged CDs?

I was wondering what could I do with CD's that I cannot use anymore.Here are some of the creative ideas that struck my mind!

You can make some music deco's with it.a small phone book,scrapbook, or first clean it then paint it with poster colors,stick some pieces of broken mirror,& make a wonderful picture frame,write "do not disturb" or other things creatively & hang it to your room door when it's needed.

Broke it in some pieces then gather them together to make a new shape! & decorate it as a picture,make a birthday card with it.

You can take one of these battery clocks (not digital, the ones with the pointers)
All you have to do is take out the pointers, pass the axe on the CD's hole and put the pointers've got a cool CD clock.

If you have lot of CDs, pile them up and stick a PVC cylinder through the holes (this cylinder should be longer than the stack of CDs so you can attach it to a base on the bottom and to the light bulb holder on the top), then run an electrical cord through that.You can paint the outside of the CD stack or leave it as it is. Very modern!

A shorter stack of CDs can be used as a candle holder (glue the CDs together).Another idea is to use a medium size pile of CDs as a 'solitaire' vase for 1-2 (artificial or dried) flowers.

It Depends what you're interested in & what you need!
hope it has helped!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This is a poem written by Sir Walter Scott ,I would like to share with you all. Many might have encountered this when you were in school. This has created a lasting impression in my mind.

There could be no girl who doesn’t go fascinated with fairy tales, princes, princesses. Cindrella, sleeping beauty, snow white, Beauty and the beast and what not in this genre must have definitely stimulated dreams of a prince coming some day in his horse and fleeing with you as his bride. I agree even I had those expectations and I would say I was even waiting for such a thing in my life to occur. There is nothing to get embarrassed about this feeling to share openly as I am sure every second girl must have gone past this looking at her front door waiting for her prince.
Well this poem was read by my teacher when I was in the 7th. She is an excellent teacher, she will draw our complete attention towards what she is teaching by dramatising every line of a poem.
This poem rather a ballad, is about Lochinvar the hero, who is a fearless young Scott coming across the border from Scotland to England, snatches the English Lord’s daughter, fair Ellen and boldly rides back with her to Scotland.
The poet brings out a splendid pen portrayal of Lochinvar and his lady love, Ellen.The two lines of the poem “None but the brave deserves the fair” and “Faint heart never won fair lady” simply finishes the poem bottomline.
Lochinvar is a gallant and a dauntless young Scott, faithful in his love with Ellen. Determined to win over Ellen, he crosses the boundary between England and Scotland, swims across river Eske and reaches the Netherby Gate. But the bride Ellen is consented to a laggard in love and a dastard in war. Ellen's father is giving Ellen in marriage to another guy of his choice.
On seeing Lochinvar the brides father asks him whether he has come to fight or to make peace. Lochinvar answer saying that his proposal is denied and informs he has come only for a cup of wine and to dance with the bride. He says
“Love swells like the Solway , but ebbs like its tide,
And now I am come, with this lost love of mine.”
The tidal waves in Solway Firth rises and sinks swiftly, likewise love if not encouraged will sink with equal swiftness.
In this way Lochinvar misleads the English lord and confidently convinces the Lord that there are many young women who are lovelier than Ellen gladly to be the bride to him.
The bride Ellen kisses the goblet and Lochinvar drinks it in a single gulp and throws it down. Ellen stands embarrassed with a smile in her lips and a tear in her eye. Lochinvar then takes her soft hand and they dance so elegantly in a form that everyone gathered there think Nether by hall has never graced such a beautiful couple. Ellens mother frets and her father fumes at the sight. Here and there people whisper there could be no better match for Ellen than young daring Lochinvar.
In the course of dancing Lochinvar and Ellen reach the hall door. Lochinvar whispers into Ellen’s ears. Then he swings Ellen onto his horse back and springs up after her triumphantly exclaiming ‘she is won’. He continues to ridewith Ellen at great speed over bank, bush and scaur.although the bride’s kinsman jointly chase themon Cannobie Lee, the lost bride of Netherby never did the see.
The poet simply celebrates the courage and true love of a gallant.
You can also view this from : LOCHINVAR – AN UNFORGETTABLE POEM

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

IELTS Exam Tips!

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System Which is conducted by BRITISH COUNCIL to Test the standard of English among students. Here are some of the tips for scoring more in IELTS. IELTS exam consists of 4 parts.They are,


Listening: This is the easiest part of the test, and this is a part where you can really boost your overall band.personally i think this is one section where you should put in a lot of practice.the trick in an IELTS, is to be cool and composed, your not going to make it any better by being nervous.

1)Listen to instructions carefully.
2)Watch out for Numbers it is pretty tricky.

Reading: Go through a lot of journals and news articles, most of their reading sections are from them.remember this is one test where you can easily lose or gain marks, watch out for the easy questions, normally the answer is not what you think. most people do the tough questions easily and lose out on the easy ones.

In, The first two sections you can forecast your marks easily, they are corrected by persons called as clerical markers.but the next two i.e: the Writing and Speaking are subjective, it all depends on the examiner.

Writing: Writing section, needs a lot of practice, try to structure your sentences properly no incomplete not add this task, they check for four things,

1. Task fulfillment: how well you describe the process or chart etc.
2. how well they are linked, you can use different methods, such as "cause and effect", "ascending order", "Descending order"
3. The clarity in your text, how clear your ideas are. you shouldnt make the examiner read your essays a second time. 4. Last but not least, how creative you are.

My suggestion, go for a lot of model essays on the net, i practiced on those.

Speaking. Actually this is pretty easy, people only think that it is tough, the secret over here is to be comfortable.

1)Use simple language, no slang, use a moderate amount of vocabulary.
2)Do not prepare extensively for speaking section, why i say this is because, when you prepare a lot, you will get confused and the examiner will quickly notice this.

i)There are some standard questions on the net, based on speaking, prepare an answer for them.

ii)Instead of focusing more on the topics, you could keep your focus on common expressions that are used in a conversation. such as "I Agree with you", "on the contrary", "looking at it, in this perspective", "In my belief" etc, these are just for a sample, you could use many more.


You can also view this from :
Ielts tips by sajeetharan

Monday, April 4, 2011

Want To Be a Super Man? - Learn First Aid!

It is very important that we must understand the importance of first aid. The art that we all think is redundant in life but let me tell you friends that how good it is. It is realized when we save someones life, help him/her in the situation where your help is required the most as the situation may be the matter of life and death.Simple situations like, choking can kill a person in a minute or two, poisoning, bleeding for 15 minutes can be real fatal, heart attack / cardiac arrest etc. What we need to do is really a simple thing first aid. It is not a rocket science.This is one of the session i attended in my training period.

Let me share some of the key points i come across,

First Aid:
It is the first assistance and help given by a qualified person by using correct methods and available resources.

Objectives of First Aid:
1.Save Life.
2.Avoid Injury Becoming worse.
3.To promote Recovery.

First Aid Priorities:

Assess the situation:
  1. Observe what has happened quietly and calmly.
  2. Look for dangers to yourself and to the casualty.
  3. Never Put Yourself at risk
Make the area safe:
  1. Protect the casualty from danger.
  2. Be aware of your limitations.
Assess all casualties and Give Emergency first aid:
  1. Assess each casualties to determine priorities and threat those threatening conditions first.
Get Help:
  1. Quickly ensure that any necessary Specialist help on the way. It may be a doctor or a fully qualified first aider.

Responsibilities Of First Aider:

(i)To be aware of the danger.
(ii)Keep a record.
(iii) Protect the lives of casualties
(iv) Handover the casualties to someone responsible

Here comes the record of a patient to whom you gave first aid:

1. Date you met the person.
2.Where you met the person
3.Time you met the person
4.The signs and symptoms of the person(what he told)
5.What first aid you gave
6.Time you took patient to the hospital
7.Time you came from hospital
8.The number of vehicle you took the person to the hospital
9.The name of the hospital you handover.

This matters whenever there is an inquiry arises suppose when the person dies, you can produce this record to police,court or wherever required. you won't get into any trouble unless you are a qualified first aider. Many people would scared to do first aid after reading this, but saving a life is the best thing in this world.

Here comes the Qualities of a first aider:

  • Knowledge of first aid
  • Patience
  • kindness
  • not to reject
  • no discrimination
  • self strengths and confidence
  • act according to the situation
  • not to get excited
  • Prompt action

Here i have given a sample and important first aid tip that everyone must know,


Accidents can happen at anytime without prior information. The first response to an accident
is the most important.Often times, first aid given at the place improves the victim's chances
of survival with a good recovery.

Based on that the following is explained :--

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)-

--Unconscious victims may die because tongue falls to the throat and block air passage.
--To avoid tongue fault keep the hand to the casualties head and tilt it.
--To see whether he is breathing or not function look listen and feel method in 5 seconds
--If the person is breathing exam or check whole body of the patient from head to toe to see whether any broken or injuries, if there are no broken bone or injuries turn him to the recovery head if he is unconscious turn the head alone.
--If the victim's heart has stopped beating,perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
if you have been properly trained to do so.

Here is the demonstration:

Everyone would love to be a Super Hero.So there is a chance for you to be in the list of Superman, and Spider man etc.So, once you learn first aid there is a chance to save lives. So be a superman.

This is a presentation done by Red Cross Society Srilanka.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mahendra singh dhoni - The greatest Captain.

Now Indians have got 2nd god in cricket. One was/is sachin and now dhoni. He has given Indians a wonderful cup with the help of another god and mini gods.It was risk, he took it and he successfully stayed till the end to see India home, final match matters, he's given a knockout punch.   

Records says so he is best captain and no one can't deny .He got the world cup for India and that’s the biggest thing to happen for Indian cricket. He dared to take risk and it paid off. Fact just remains that a captain is as good as his team!

Yes dhoni played a gem of an innings in the final when it mattered the most. The team peaked at the right time and that's what helped.Dhoni played his part and so did the others! Sachin does not have to score a 100 every time he goes in to bat. His presence is big enough a contribution. Same is for dhoni as a leader. Dhoni's knock is greater than all of tendulkar's centuries put together. It came in the finals of the world cup, nothing equals the world cup finals.

When it matters, the Captain performs!.Awesome innings!Congrats Dhoni for doing something which Azhar, Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly could never do - Captain a WC winning side. Not Taking anything away from any of the Team Mates. Even the Ones who never stepped on field as Extra Fielders in any of the Following Occasions:

T20 WC in 2008
India's Rank 1 in Tests
India's Rank 1 in ODI's
Chennai Super King's Success in all IPL's
CSK IPL Champions 2010
CSK ACL Champions
And Now the ICC ODI World Champions

It cannot be all Luck.ts Not Luck.Dhoni May not be the Text Book Dravid, Fearlessness of Sehwag, Spirit of Gambhir or the Godness of Tendulkar.But He is the Muscle and Brain that Gets the Job Done whenever mattered the mostthe Guy gets very little Credit but Flack from most!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

One of My Inspiration: Jagath Jayasekera - A True Trainer and One of a Kind.

What comes to my mind first and foremost when I think of his name? when I try to visualize him my mind? When I still hear his voice ringing in my ears? . The image of someone who has truly earned a permanent place of respect, affection in my heart! Yes he is the one who is the head of Training & Development @ virtusa, Srilanka.

Not just simply because he is an excellent Trainer, but because to most of us who know him, he is a very simple and yet great achiever according to me. Of course, he has been a driving force in my better learning of my life subjects from now.To name a few. Patience, Perseverance, Faith in hard work, Honesty in character, Sincere Efforts, Running my own race, Optimism in the face of failure, Challenging hurdles with my chin held high, To smile when it hurts the most and I can keep going on with this list!

There were times after my University life, when the path to success in a way I wished for seemed closed from all sides; when my trials were in vain; When I lost the motivation to do better; When I was discouraged when my classmates from India better gifted than myself, and I felt peer pressure to conform & often found emotions overwhelmed.

What makes him a real champion is not just his experience and devotion to his job, but his Simplicity. His sessions on Time management and his program on L.I.F.E were simply awesome. Though i attended many presentations and career success programs in India, none of them were that much effective as his.People who come across trainings from him must have accomplished something in their life. Hope i will be one among them. He deserves our gratitude for sure!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Perfect 12 @ College!

Life’s not that easy I know,
Things never go in the way we think so.
But still being a part of all that goes,
Make me feel I’m special and it really shows.
This is because I found my new family,
In my friends whom I met in college, coincidently.
Being far away from family,
You can’t always be happy.
First day in college, Stranger’s I met,
As if all the varieties in a single set.
I chose the friends of mine,
With a logo and a perfect sign.
We were twelve and all of different kinds,
And I name the group” The Perfect 12”.
Initial perfect 12 members are as follows,
And all the heads are shallow.

Shyam- Though the shortest of all,
but the smartest we call.

Rajesh- “The jaan of the group”,
the funniest one in the troop.

Sathish Ramachandran- “The angry young man”,
but always the helping hand.

Rajendra - The one who everyone respects,
play safely and overview all the aspects.

K.sathish - “Ching chong hong”,
he is crazy about this song.

Aparajitha - A perfect combination of “Mature without brain”,
but times spent with her never goes in vain.

Venkatesh- The dashing dude of the class,
“who always secure pass”.

Sujitha - The most friendly and dearest to me,
her possesiveness makes me “tumble and fall”.

J.S - One who was always with me!
His girl name ends with "thee"

Sandy we call programmer!
His Best friend is the queen of grammar!

Prem- The handsome and experienced one!
who creates troubles to none!

Now the branch separates ,
And the members also somehow changes.
This is what Perfect 12 is full of,
And the rest all “Shut Off "